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by Sarah on January 22, 2012 · 3 comments


The past couple of weeks have been blah. I guess I’ve reached the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. I totally bypassed the energy burst I was expecting to experience in the second trimester, or perhaps I had it but didn’t notice because I was so preoccupied with finishing my book. I’m now in the third trimester with all that that implies: backache, insomnia, sore ribs, and a sense time is dragging. On the one hand, I have so much to do before the baby comes, particularly on the writing front. On the other, I just want this kid out.


I’m pleased with my pre-writing progress, but not so thrilled with the few thousand words I’ve written for my new WIP. Admittedly, I am a perfectionist, and rarely impressed by my first effort at any given scene.

Author Blog:

I spent more time than I care to admit updating my author website and tinkering with its appearance. I’ve started a blog on it which will focus on writing-related topics. The first two posts are up and are concerned with the dreaded (for me) First Draftitis. They are First Drafts: The Curse of the Blinking Cursor and First Drafts: The Pre-Writing Stage. I hope to publish the third post on Wednesday.


I’m currently listening to the unabridged audiobook of Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness. It’s the first in a series. It’s an amusing cozy mystery and the narrator, Katherine Kellgren, does an excellent job. Unfortunately for me, the rest of the audiobooks in the series are geographically restricted. Why on earth do publishers do that? As my enjoyment of the book has at least as much to do with the excellent narration as with the story, that’s several lost sales.


Sherlock. What can I say, except this series rocks. I resisted watching the first series when it aired in 2010. As a fan of the books, I couldn’t imagine a modern version being anything other than a monumental mess. My husband persuaded me to watch the first three episodes with him over the Christmas holidays as he was keen to see the second series when it started on New Year’s Day. We were hooked from the first episode. We both agreed that Sherlock alone made our digital TV subscription worth it for the month of January. While I’m sorry we have to wait another year for series 3, I’d rather they made fewer episodes and maintained the high quality rather than churning them out and dumbing them down like Downton Abbey.

Have you written, read, or watched anything interesting lately? Have you seen Sherlock?


Victoria Janssen January 23, 2012 at 17:35

I have indeed seen Sherlock, and by lending my DVD set of the first series to a friend, I have, umm, encouraged her interest. (She’s now seen the eps more times than I have, and is busily analyzing them.)

I confess I am more of a Watson fan for this series. He is Teh Awesome. I enjoy Cumberbatch’s performance quite a lot, but for me, Martin Freeman makes the show.

Sarah January 23, 2012 at 18:05

Cumberbatch does an excellent job, but his performance wouldn’t be half as effective if it weren’t for Martin Freeman. Their interaction is spot on. I’d imagine the role of Watson is harder to play, actually, because he’s less dynamic than Sherlock, and it would be easy for him to be eclipsed. Martin Freeman manages to portray him in such a way that he’s Sherlock’s equal, even if he doesn’t possess Sherlock’s skills of deduction.

heidenkind January 24, 2012 at 07:20

I love Sherlock! They’re replaying the first season here right before they start the second. There’s so much in the shows to notice that I could watch them over and over.

I’m not sure I would say Downton Abbey was dumbed down in season two, but it definitely seems like there’s not as much going on. =/

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