Books on My Radar for July

by Sarah on June 24, 2010 · 5 comments

There are several books on my radar for July 2010.

I’m currently reading an ARC of Leslie Parrish’s Cold Sight, the first book in her Extra Sensory Agents series.

Blurb: After being made a scapegoat in a botched investigation that led to a child’s death, Aidan McConnell became a recluse. Still, as a favor to an old friend, Aidan will help on the occasional XI case. But under his handsome, rugged facade, he keeps his emotions in check–for fear of being burned again.

Reporter Lexie Nolan has a nose for news–and she believes a serial killer has been targeting teen girls around Savannah. But no one believes her. So she turns to the new paranormal detective agency and the sexy, mysterious Aidan for help.

But just as the two begin forging a relationship, the case turns eerily personal for Lexie–and Aidan discovers that maybe he hasn’t lost the ability to feel after all…

Janice Kay Johnson’s SuperRomances are a recent discovery. I was pleased to see that she has two books out back-to-back in July and August respectively. The first is Charlotte’s Homecoming.

Blurb: Marrying a local guy and settling in her hometown has never appealed to Charlotte Russell. She’s got a good job in the city…until a crisis forces her return to the family farm. She’s not back long before the well-laid plans for her future fall apart. And she holds Mayor Gray Van Dusen responsible.

In fairness, the gorgeous man hasn’t deliberately messed up her plans. But his very active pursuit of her is sparking all kinds of strange urges. Such as the urge to abandon her urban life. The urge to see where these intense feelings between them could lead. And the strangest urge of all: to have a white picket fence in the last place she’d ever thought to settle.

Wendy the Super Librarian’s latest ebook Blogger Bundle will be released by Harlequin in July. America’s Bravest features four books by SuperRomance author Kathryn Shay.

Blurb: Feel the heat with Kathryn Shay’s firefighting couples in all four books in the America’s Bravest series. Meet the strong, vulnerable women who work alongside men in a competitive and dangerous profession, finding love through their own trials and tribulations. Bundle includes: Feel the Heat, The Man Who Loved Christmas, Code of Honor and The Fire Within.

Note: Code of Honor is also included in Blogger Bundle Volume I: Dear Author Selects Unusual Heroines.

Dear Author also has another Blogger Bundle out in July.

Blurb: For their second blogger bundle, Jane of Dear Author went to the experts: readers! Their task: recommend titles that have not been previously available as ebooks and vote on the ones they want in a bundle. Suggestions were made, reasons argued and votes cast. Now, the four winners are gathered here! From a romantic comedy from Harlequin Duets to an unusual younger hero story, they were the books that stayed in readers’ hearts and intrigued new readers’ minds.

Bundle contains: The Sweetest Taboo by Alison Kent, The Older Woman by Cheryl ReavisShotgun Nanny by Nancy Warren and Cullen’s Bride by Fiona Brand.

Love in the Afternoon is the fifth and final book in Lisa Kleypas’s Hathaway series. I still need to read the fourth Hathaway story, Married by Morning!

Blurb: Captain Christopher Phelan has been corresponding with the beautiful golden-haired Prudence Mercer while he was away fighting in the Crimean War. What he doesn’t know, however, is that the woman who wrote to him is actually Prudence’s best friend, Beatrix Hathaway.

Upon his return home to Hampshire, it becomes clear that Christopher’s experiences in war have changed him. In this scene, Beatrix and Christopher argue over the dog he brought back with him, a regimental mascot named Albert . . .

Although I’ve never read anything by Julia London, I saw One Season of Sunshine mentioned at All About Romance and the blurb appealed to me.

Blurb: Adopted as an infant, Jane Aaron longs to know the identity of her birth mother and why she gave her up.  Her only clue is the name of the small Texas town where she was born, so she’s come to Cedar Springs for answers.

Handsome ad executive Asher Price lost his wife, the beautiful, mysterious Susanna, in a terrible car crash eighteen months ago. When he hires Jane as the nanny for his two children, sparks fly.  Jane finds herself falling in love with both Asher and his children, but begins to suspect that Susanna was not the perfect mother and wife the family portrays her to have been.

As Jane gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about both her own and Susanna’s past, devastating secrets begin to emerge that may be more than anyone can bear.  Will the truth bring Jane and Asher closer together or tear them apart forever?

I’m a fan of Karin Slaughter’s thrillers but I need to be in the mood to read them as they tend to be extremely bleak and brutally violent. Her latest book featuring Dr Sara Linton and Special Agent Will Trent is called Broken.

Blurb: When the body of a young woman is discovered deep beneath the icy waters of Lake Grant, a note left under a rock by the shore points to suicide. But within minutes, it becomes clear that this is no suicide. It’s a brutal, cold-blooded murder. All too soon former Grant County medical examiner Sara Linton – home for Thanksgiving after a long absence — finds herself unwittingly drawn into the case. The chief suspect is desperate to see her but when she arrives at the local police station she is met with a horrifying sight — he lies dead in his cell, the words ‘Not me’ scrawled across the walls. Something about his confession doesn’t add up and deeply suspicious of the detective in charge, Lena Adams, Sara immediately calls the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Shortly afterwards, Special Agent Will Trent is brought in from his vacation to investigate. But he is immediately confronted with a wall of silence. Grant County is a close-knit community with loyalties and ties that run deep. And the only person who can tell the truth about what really happened is dead.

Here are a few July releases which I’ve already read and reviewed:

The Bikini Car Wash by Pamela Morsi – A

Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery – B

Crazy for Love by Victoria Dahl – B-

Winning a Groom in 10 Dates by Cara Colter – C+

Mia’s Scandal by Michelle Reid – C+

Are there any books which you’re particularly looking forward to next month?


Wendy June 24, 2010 at 17:52

I’ve had a print copy of the Alison Kent title from the DA bundle in my TBR….well for a long time. I should pull it out to read for my TBR challenge one of these months. And the Cheryl Reavis title is very, very good. It’s not my favorite of her SSEs (that would be The Long Way Home) but it’s still in my keeper stash, so who am I to split hairs?

I’m getting behind on JKJ. I still have her last two books on my Sony Reader to read and now she’s got two more coming out? Eep!

Sarah June 24, 2010 at 18:12

@Wendy: I know the feeling. My digital library is growing rapidly. I need a holiday so that I can get in some serious reading time.

JKJ is a great find. I’ve now read several of her books and I’m looking forward to reading more.

heidenkind June 25, 2010 at 01:47

I’m very disappointed in Love In the Afternoon’s title. Think of the alliterative possibilities they passed up! Assailed in the Afternoon, Arranged in the Afternoon, Accosted in the Afternoon…

Andrea June 25, 2010 at 18:30

ooh, thanks for the heads up on the new Slaughter title… am off to request that from my library

Sarah June 25, 2010 at 19:24

@heidenkind: I still think your suggestion of Deflowered at Dawn was inspired. :D

@Andrea: Have you read all of Slaughter’s books? I’ve read the first four in her Grant County series, plus the Will Trent books Triptych and Fractured. I believe she joins up her Grant County and Will Trent series as of Undone (UK title: Genesis). I’m reading them slightly out of order. However, there was a major spoiler for the sixth Grant County book all over the web, so unfortunately, I know what I’ve missed.

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